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This forum is dedicated to those who have suffered the effects of the drug Amiodarone (also sold as Cordarone and Pacerone). Tragically, many of them have died a very painful deaths as a result of Amiodarone toxicity.  For others, while they have survived their lives have drastically been altered as a result of Amiodarone side effects. Amiodarone is a powerful drug that needs to be taken only as a LAST RESORT and under close medical supervision.


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A Medical View of Amiodarone

StA-gur Karlsson/E+/Getty Images
StA-gur Karlsson/E+/Getty Images

This article from About Health describes what a toxic drug amiodarone is and how even when symptoms present themselves amiodarone toxicity is often over looked as the cause of illness.

Read the article here.

MedlinePlus Drug gives detailed information here.

Looking for an A-fib Cure?

Dr. John Sirak Sentra Heart Hospital
Dr. John Sirak

Why risk taking toxic drugs when there is a permanent surgical cure for a-fib available.  Dr. John Sirak is a cardiothoracic surgeon specializing in atrial fibrillation. Patients Andy Miller and Scott Ward have had the procedure and swear by its success.  Both Andy and Scott are available for questions regarding their surgery at our Facebook group, Stop Amiodarone.  To learn more about Dr. Sirak, check out his profile here.

Mal Moore
Mal Moore

  The Mal Moore Amiodarone Case

Attorney E. Kirk Wood has filed a lawsuit in Alabama on behalf of the Moore family.

Read the details here

Read the court documents here

“Ablation Superior to Amiodarone”

The results of a new survey show that Amiodarone is NOT the most  effective treatment for a -fib.

Read the article here.  

Amiodarone Is Frequently Used by EMT’s and Is Carried on Crash Carts

Listen to Dr. Amal Mattu of the University of Maryland School of Medicine as he outlines why Amiodarone is NOT the drug of choice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.46.13 AM

USA Today Reporter Alison Young Investigates Amiodarone

Alison Young
USA Today Reporter Alison Young
At the top, under “Risky RX: Drugs Used for Unapproved Uses Can Kill” read Part 1, 2, & 3.                                                                                       Scroll down and read the article “Amiodarone Coverage”

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Please feel free to comment on this site or Alison Young’s in regards to your thoughts and experiences regarding these articles.


We’ve put together a brochure entitled “Dead Last” in an effort to describe the risks associated with taking Amiodarone. View the AmiodaroneBrochure.
Read why you, your friends and family should not be on this drug!

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