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This forum is dedicated to those who have suffered the effects of the drug Amiodarone (also sold as Cordarone and Pacerone). Tragically, many of them have died very painful deaths as a result of Amiodarone toxicity.  For others, while they have survived their lives have drastically been altered as a result of Amiodarone side effects. Amiodarone is a powerful drug that needs to be taken only as a LAST RESORT and under close medical supervision.

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USA Today Reporter Alison Young Investigates Amiodarone

Alison Young

USA Today Reporter Alison Young

At the top, under “Risky RX: Drugs Used for Unapproved Uses Can Kill” read Part 1, 2, & 3.                                                                                       Scroll down and read the article “Amiodarone Coverage”

~ Thank you Alison Young!! ~


Please feel free to comment on this site or Alison Young’s in regards to your thoughts and experiences regarding these articles.



We’ve put together a brochure entitled “Dead Last” in an effort to describe the risks associated with taking Amiodarone. View the AmiodaroneBrochure.
Read why you, your friends and family should not be on this drug!


 Amiodarone Congressional Report

View the report Amiodarone congressional request_04262011

Dr. Ken Kronhaus

Dr. Ken Kronhaus

Dr. Ken Kronhaus on Amiodarone Use

Good Day Health with Dr. Ken, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, every Saturday from 7-9 AM (ET). In addition to answering audience questions,Good Day Health provides listeners with a weekly review of breaking medical news and medical research. The popular show can be heard on more than 150 stations. ~ One of our members was fortunate to have Dr. Ken address her case on the air.  Listen to a copy of the conversation:  Dr Ken Call ~ To learn more about Dr. Ken, here a link to his website:

Amiodarone Kills

Amiodarone Kills

Tell The World How It Really Is….

We are very fortunate to have a member who has had these bumper stickers made up and she will mail you one for the cost of postage only.bumper sticker offer

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  1. mkakin says


    I'm glad you found this information. It sounds like you're about the last person who should have been put at risk of further lung problems with amiodarone. Please join our Facebook page, too, and help us spread the word to save others. Best of luck with your health and your continued self-advocacy!!

  2. paddy says

    Hello. I am 60 and have had Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter for many years. I've been taking Diltiazem (Tiazac XC 240mg) for quite some time and apart from some recent breakthrough events, it has been working very well. One big problem I have is that I cannot take blood thinners. Several weeks ago my cardiologist suggested I take 200 mg of Amiodarone (with no "loading"), as he feels this will stop my breakthrough events. He did go over several possible and likely side effects, which is what made me begin a little research on my own. Needless to say, the prescription will remain unfilled as the risks, especially for lung toxicity, are simply too great. I was born with a primary immune deficiency, have asthma and my lungs have been a target for infection and inflammation from birth, yet I still work full-time, have a full life and am a busy grandma. It takes a lot of effort on my part each and every day to keep as well as I do. I consider myself very fortunate that this information is available – it may very well have saved my life or at least my health. In my humble opinion, this drug should be taken off the market or restricted as a drug of last resort only!

  3. Vanwin says

    I am spending all of my time now researching this and in danger of filling up my computer. Being one of the afflicted, so far, my general impression is that apart from telling our stories and being nice to each other, nothing is going to change.

    It does not look like the Government will do anything, and certainly the drug company does not give a damn, they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

    Nobody can afford to take them on legally, it is quite impossible. I considered that if we all started a fund and raised a very great deal, more than a million certainly, we may find a specialist lawyer to tackle Wyeth Laboratory. It may not gain individuals success, but if a victory created a precedent, then all the others could follow with their own claims more easily won.

    I think this would need someone trustworthy and intelligent with good contacts, it would need to be organised with someone above reproach, maybe a firm of lawyers, and obviously the fund would need to be guaranteed held safely, maybe in a trust of some sort.

    There is such a lot of evidence on this and other websites, that if it were organised, collated by a professional, there would be a good case. In the meantime, I considered whether approaching the media for an expose, perhaps a large publicity campaign would start to gather people out there who are not aware of the magnitude of the problem, together in order to add all their case histories, towards an eventual action. These drug companies are extremely rich and powerful, maybe newspapers and magazines would be afraid to cross them, I don't know.

    However, sympathising, while nice, will not achieve anything. I would like this website to add an "ACTION" tag to the index, and any professionals out there, doctors, other medical people, lawyers, journalists etc, could put in their proposals or views. Organisation is needed, and I just hope I will last long enough to help if possible.

    Right now, for myself, I would prefer a heart attack to suffocation, but if that is the way it goes, I will make certain domestic arrangements so that I do not have to elongate the bad end.

    I am just giving my current thoughts here, maybe somebody has already started something similar and if so I would like to know. I am not any kind of authority, just want to work out how to take action, both for the living and the surviving families.

  4. Alaska says

    hello. i've never been a part of a forum or blog per say, but i'm sad to say that i've become one because of the death of my father. he passed on may 17th from this toxic "satan" drug – I HAD NO IDEA…. that such a drug could take my father so quickly and by surprise. he was in the hospital 2.5 weeks and had declined from taking amio that essentially his heart and kidney's failed him. he was otherwise healthy (besides his 2 year old pacemaker). the docs confirmed that it was a cause from this drug from a brochoscopy sample. i'm outraged and am searching for answers, next steps etc. i'm in disbelief of all the posts here – i had no idea. thanks for listening. amy

  5. JO says


    I'm sorry for everyone who has experienced the terrible effects of this drug (as takers of it and survivors of those who died from its side effects).

    My father died July 15, 2008 from the pulmonary toxicity of this drug. It had been prescribed for AF (atrial fibrillation) of his heart (which paradoxically, continued beating strongly without it, and for some time when we finally pulled the oxygen. The cardiologist who prescribed this remarked on his strong heartbeat as he died).

    This drug completely destroyed his lungs. It felt sudden. The dire symptoms occurred after more than two years of taking the drug. I know that the recommended tests of lung capacity and health were not performed (it's recommended that these tests are done at LEAST every six months). In my dear father's case, they were NOT.

    I was close to him, and I also have all his medical records, none of which reflected the regular pulmonay tests that are recommended. Should I sue? Ugh.

    We went through all the bullshit of is it pneumonia, is it TB, is it a fungus, did he run into bat quano dust on his visit to the southwest, blah blah blah.

    After doing research on the internet, I kept asking, "It is Amiodarone toxicity?"

    And the sad thing is, they KNEW that could be a possibility. They discontinued his Amiodarone two days after his admittance to the hospital. BUT STILL — they went through the sad motions of testing for everything ELSE but that.

    If the only thing those of us who are speaking out can do is forward the realization that Amiodarone is toxic — Maybe that is good.

    PLEASE! If you or a loved one has been prescribed this drug, make sure that you or that loved one is getting regular (every three months) xrays or other imaging of your/his/her lungs. And if short of breath, stop taking this drug and insist on a full health evaluation.

    My heart goes out to all who have suffered the consequences of this deceptive panacea for arhythmia.


  6. Karen says

    Good morning everone,I am a survivor of amiodarone,having said that I can tell you there were and are times that it is a challenge. I was prescribed this poison,and took it for several months,all the while I felt sick, always something,then became very short of breath,was told I had puemmonia, but again just kept getting sicker and sicker, was hospitalized several times, they said I had Legionnaires disease, sent home but getting sicker, finally so sick had to have open lung biopsy, then and only then was I told it was my heart med. My heart dr. Didn't take me off med. Pulmonoligst did,now both lungs are effected, both lungs have fibrosis in them,and the damage cannot be reversed, so here I am 62 hrs. old and days I feel 100, I'am very restricted as to what I can do, and where I can travel..I certainly wish I would have be given the option to take or not take this drug,anymore importantly been TOLD, the side effects from it. Thanks so much for allowing me to vent,I will pray for everyone that has been affected by this horrible drug. Karen

    I had

  7. Annie says


    The lawyers are relutant to sue because the patent has run out. Where sre the DEEP pockets to sue?

  8. hempsteadjb says

    Robert Temple, M.D., director of the FDA's Office of Medical Policy, fired back,

    "Amiodarone is fantastic at preventing atrial fibrillation. It's just not very good at preventing death."

    Dr. Temple said he has occasional atrial fibrillation himself and would never go on long-term amiodarone.

  9. Susan says


    I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through.

    It's hard to imagine that this drug is so widely prescribed yet so many doctors don't understand/recognize the wide range of serious side effects it can have. My father was also given meds for a cold and then for pneumonia. He too had low blood oxygen levels yet they were not able to quickly identify Amiodarone as the culprit. It literally took them days.

    Myself, I think this goes back to the way the drug was introduced and then marketed. There's always been a cloud of misinformation surrounding it. Even today not every website will correctly list the side effects. In addition, many sites will say, if you have a dry cough contact your doctor immediately. Well, what good is that going to do if the doctor doesn't connect it to Amiodarone?!!

    I would encourage you and your family to please stay active on this site and the other ones too Facebook/Topix (see links on right side). Also, on this site, I've assembled a page "Write a Letter". Pick a few contacts and please let them know what you have been through. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be up to us to create the tide of change in regards to Amiodarone.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  10. Vernonmims says

    My husband was killed by Amiodarone. The first odd symptom he had after heart surgery was he went color-blind. I called Wyeth and they just laughed it off. Next he was diagnosed with bronchitis. He recovered from heart surgery but had continuous odd problems. He had an attack of Bell's Palsy. His shortness of breath became increasingly noticeable. Upon a routine check up they found his O2 level at 86 and he was hospitalized for pneumonia. He was given a flu shot and pnuemonia shot in the hospital and had a reaction to that. He was released with O2 therapy but couldn't ween off the O2. Went to a local pulmonologist after the palms of his hands turned Blue. There couldn't give us enough info. Went to Mayo Clinic, where after extensive lung and heart tests, x-rays, etc. realized he had received the drug AMIODARONE. After fourteen months of attempts to slow down the progression of his disease with prednisone, Cellcept, antibiotics, N.A.C., plus the other 14 meds he was taking and finally on almost 20 liters of O2 just to maintain…He died on May 5, 2010. We are heartbroken to know that this could have been prevented. Our family is devasted. He was a fine gentleman, an avid golfer, a well respected business man, a husband, a father and grandfather to 11 beautiful grands. I still can't believe we were not warned of the dangers and AT LEAST given an OPTION. I don't know how his heart surgeon can look in the mirror and yet do this over and over to innocent people.

  11. mkakin says

    Alison Young could bring some real attention to our cause as a reporter for USA Today. She is very busy with health care reform coverage, but if we are able to organize an effective leafleting campaign in late November, perhaps she could cover it. I think this would take massive organization between this website and its followers, members on the FB page, and contributors to the Topix forums. But if everyone in every city would download and print 100 flyers (or even send them electronically, if they are unable to do physically), that could be ten of thousands of flyers hitting clinics, cardiologists offices, senior centers, libraries, bulletin boards—wherever we can get them SEEN and read.

  12. Susan says

    Jack & George- We are so happy to have you join the group! Please notice that I did link both of your pages to this website. Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to add.

    Again, welcome!!!

    Susan@Jack Snead

  13. Jack Snead says


    Sorry, I forgot to add the url for Georges page 2


  14. Jack Snead says


    Marla Akin passed on your web site and your Facebook site to my Friend George Cox from Missouri. I think you may have spoken to him in the past.

    I added both links to Georges, page 2 this evening.

    Georges email is

    His site is located on my domain name.

    Jack Snead

  15. Susan says

    Ralph, thank you for your vote of support!

    Yes, you're right…how this drug is handled has to change.

    I don't know why lawyers are reluctant to take on these cases but I'm hoping to find out why.

    @Ralph from Mesa, Arizona

  16. Ralph from Mesa, Ari says

    Sorry Susan, I had a power outage and lost everything.

    I keep trying to find an attorney that has enough moxie to handle our cause. I think I have about reached the end of the line. I must have sent requests to at least 15 lawyers. I get a '"Thank you for" letter but no follow up. It is a bit discouraging, but I will not give up. Telling the stories of what happened to your loved ones is good therapy, but what we need is more followers of this site to keep writing lawyers, keep pushing, keep writing to them! Get just ONE that will fight for us and get them "COMMITTED TO OUR CAUSE". THEN, AND ONLY THEN WE WILL HAVE FIGHTING CHANCE TO STOP THIS DANGERIOUS DRUG!.

    Keep up the good work Susan.

    Thank you,

    Ralph from Mesa, Arizona

  17. Maxine Macha says

    Thank you SO much for this website. This drug has got to be pulled from the market!!

    My mom was on and off Amiodarone for over 10 years. She lost almost all of her eyesight, very gradually, and was legally blind. Her skin started to get huge black and dark red blotches and became very sensitive. The doctor told me it was normal due to the blood thinner she was once on. It never went away. She had mucous in her throat and lungs all the time that the doctor attributed to COPD and told me it was again due to her age and maybe to my father's second hand smoke. My father had quit smoking over 30 years before and had been gone for over 6 years due to a stroke. She also had lost over 40 pounds in the past year.

    When my mom was in the ICU I took a look at the side effects of the drug and found that everyone of my mom's issues, loss of sight, permanant bruising, continual respitory mucous and weight loss was a side effect of Amiodarone. I made a copy of the FDA website and these side effects, brought it to the doctors who were treating my mom in the hospital and NOT one of them would agree that this drug had anything to do with her being ill. Even when they could not find a reason for her collapsed lung, and all the other reasons she was in the ICU. My mom was in the ICU for 20 days and died a horrible death.

    We MUST stand up united against this drug and drug company!

  18. Jan Miller says

    I am so grateful to Susan for this web site. I am so frustrated with the medical and legal communities for their blatant disregard of the massive damage this med causes. My husbands pulmonary toxicity from Amiodarone after only 3 months of taking it! He went from being fine (never was on oxygen in his whole life) to being on oxygen full time in 3 months! He died 2 years and 3 months after taking it – and only took Amio for a total of 5 1/2 months! He suffocated! He experienced all the electrical impulses "traveling through his arms and legs" – nerve damage I'm sure. It only took 3 months for the pulmonary toxicity to occur. I tried filing a complaint with the FDA, but never heard a word about it. WE have to keep at it – dispense information about real people – our loved ones – who have been damage and killed by this medication.

  19. Marla says

    Susan–it's great to have this web page up. I hope everyone who comes here seeking information will go away better informed about just how dangerous this drug is, and how widely and wrongly used by doctors. If you are reading this because you're wondering if amiodarone may be the cause of some of your symptoms, or those of someone you love, the first thing you should do is SUSPECT AMIODARONE, ask questions, and don't take a brush-off by your doctor (or even three doctors, or five, or ten) as a dead-end: do your own research. Our stories of loss and suffering run the gamut, from someone who has died of the nearly immediate onset of pulmonary toxicity, to those who have felt its effects on their lungs creep up over many years, to those who have suffered nerve damage to their limbs, damage to their eyes, and cirrhosis of the liver as "side" effects of amiodarone. And by the way, amiodarone is the generic name: this drug is marketed under many different trade names, two of the most common being Pacerone and Cordarone.

  20. Susan says

    Due to some technical difficulties, the comments that were left on this page were deleted.

    My apologies!

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