Let’s Stop This Drug Before It Stops One More Person…

Amiodarone bottle

Sadly, my father died 10 years ago as a result of Amiodarone.  Thinking our family was alone in having this tragedy befall us, I didn’t look for others that may have had the same experience.  With the advent of “social media” and the ability of users to comment in forums like Topix, I learned that my father’s experience was not an isolated incidence.  Indeed, there are many similarities in how the drug was prescribed, how his symptoms were treated, and, of course, the ultimate conclusion…his death.  I’ve also learned that many people are suffering from debilitating effects of the drug.  Many  people are looking for information and help coping with Amiodarone in their life.

This website is an attempt to bring people and information regarding Amiodarone together in one place.  It would help our cause if we could band together and  let the FDA and other regulatory agencies know what suffering is occurring as a result of Amiodarone.  My goal is to have this be the place.

I hope that you will continue to return to this site, post comments,  refer others to it, and even maybe contribute to it.

You may contact me through this site or email me at stopamiodarone@gmail.com.


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