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Legal Update… If you would like to join the legal suit, you need to come forward now if you think you are within the statute of limitations as defined by the information found on this link:
OR If you discovered the injury within 3-4 years of the death. Your state may have rules which would extend the statute of limitations. The window of opportunity is closing for this!!!

Attorney Justin Williams is preparing a class action lawsuit.  If you want more information or possibly join the effort, please download the form here and email it to:

Updates On The Legal Front:


The Mal Moore Case

Attorney E. Kirk Wood has filed a claim in Alabama on behalf

of the Moore family in April of 2015.  Read the details here.

Mal Moore
Mal Moore

Please comment here if you have taken steps to file a complaint against your doctor or hospital.

Have you been successful?  If so, why?  If not, what stumbling blocks have you encountered?



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