Mounts Toxicity

May I start by saying I have never been in a hospital one day in my whole life, and worked in  as a Respiratory therapist till I retired in Oct of 2012. Starting as a young adult I have been treated for Cardiac Arithmea, such as Atrial Fib, flutter and numerous PVC,PAC. My first Ablation was in the 1990’s at USC in California. I was then prescribed Cordarone that I took for years with no follow up. Everything went well for some time and slowly my Arrhythmia returned worse then ever. I made a doctors appointment and was prescribed more amiodarone. About 2 years later, this now in the year 2014, I started getting short of breath and profusely sweating in bed, slight temperature and very weak. This lasted about four days till I had saw a doctor and explained my symptoms. The doctor said I had pneumonia and gave me two shots of antibiotics and breathing treatments. Two days later, as I become worse, I went back to doctor performed a pulse ox or 02 test. The saturation was a low 92%. The doctor decided to do an x-ray and sent me home. By this time I had a hard time even walking due to shortness of breath. This doctor knew all the medications I was on, and when she received the x-ray report everything went into overdrive stating I had pneumonia. However, the radiologist had questions as to what was happening since the x-ray did not look like your standard pneumonia. At any rate, I was immediately taken to Palmdale General Hospital and that is where the real terrifying next three mounts started. Remember I am a retired respiratory therapist and very acute to what’s happening which made my experience much more frightening knowing that my death would come from suffocation and would not be quick. After a few days I went into respiratory failure. At that point I was intubated and put on a ventilator. My breathing was so erratic they had to give me a paralytic. For 8 days my family came and said all their goodbyes since the doctor said he did not think I would make it for the next 48 hours. I was one of only a few that live and was completely debilitated. I did rehab at home on oxygen and could do nothing for my self. It took about 9 mo. before I could walk normally again. It is now about 18 mo. later and my oxygen saturation is 91 to 94 at best without oxygen. I am writing this in hopes that if you are on amiodarone that you will talk with your doctor about how long you should be taking this drug. This is by far a short version of my events. I wish for no one to go through this. It is not pretty and beyond explanation.

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