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 Bitter Pill by the Chicago Tribune

This article chronicles how one family copes with the side effects of Amiodarone and how
the drug company, Wyeth, reacted.
Please click on the PDF link here: Bitter Pill



Wyeth’s Publication

Last to First-Line  Antiarrhythmic Therapy

This is one of the marketing tools Wyeth used to convince doctors that Amiodarone should be used as a drug of first choice. That position is in direct conflict with the FDA which states that Amiodarone is a drug of last resort.  The FDA states further that the drug is approved only for ventricular fibrillation and NOT for atrial fibrillation. The booklet is available here in PDF format: Wyeth’s Amiodarone Booklet 28p



Pfizer Medication Guide to Cordarone

To view the guide click here.



Scholarly Articles:

Science Direct:  Acute fatal amiodarone-induced lung toxicity after CABG surgery

National Center for Biotechnology Information: Amiodarone Pulmonary Toxicity

Europe PubMed Central: Amiodarone: Review of Pulmonary Effects and Toxicity

The American Journal of Pathology:  Amiodarone-induced lung toxicity. In vitro evidence for the direct toxicity of the drug. 



Has Your Doctor Received Payments From Pharmaceutical Companies?

Check this data base to find out: Open Payments Data


Big Pharma

Wake Up World:  Big Pharma and Organized Crime

MedPage Today:  Top 5 Reasons Cardiologists get Sued


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