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  1. Ruth Goodwin says

    Let’s get Oprah involved. Get a letter to Michelle Obama. Somethin g. There has to be a way.

  2. Ruth Goodwin says

    My husband Vern Goodwin passed away Feb 12,2015 from Amiodorone toxicity. He developed interstitial pneumonia and was on a ventilator for 3weeks before he lost the battle. He had been on Amiodorone 7 months. He was healthy and strong and very active prior. He developed Atrial Fib and the Dr placed him on it with no warnings about any possible side effects. This med has to be stopped somehow. I’m sure there are more deaths than are being recorded. I wouldn’t have known what caused his death if I hadn’t overheard the Lung Dr and respiratory therapy talking about it.

  3. Carol Slack says

    If anyone knows of an attorney in New Jersey , the statue of limitations is running out on my father’s case . I have been to wrongful death , medical malpractice attorneys . They hear Amiodarone and the doors shut . I have proof that this killed my father . The cardiologist even called me to stop giving to dad April 2 , 2013 ! The side effects that were documented with her office , the phone calls , all of this and further documentation of what this drug did to my father from February 14 , 2013 until his death April 6 , 2013 .

    • Susan says

      So sorry to hear about your father’s passing and that amiodarone has claimed yet another life. Yes, I know it’s very difficult if not impossible to find an attorney to take an amiodarone case. I would contact Justin Williams regarding your case. He can be reached at or I also invite you to join the conversation on our Facebook page. After logging into Facebook, search for Stop Amiodarone. After requesting to join the group, it takes at most a day to get added. We have close to 1,000 members who can lend support to you and your family. Hope to “see” you there. ~Susan

  4. Susan says

    Robert, I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered lung damage as a result of taking amiodarone. How long did you take the drug? What was the dosage? I certainly hope that with time you will experience a total recovery. Thank you for commenting here a this site and I invite you to join the discussion on Facebook. Simply create a Facebook account if you don't have one and in the search box type "Stop Amiodarone". Once you're there you'll find lots of other people trying to cope with the effects of Amiodarone. It's a very friendly group so if you post a question, I'm sure you'll get a response. All the best to you and your family. Susan<a href="#comment-207"

  5. Robert Corbett says

    I am so glad I found this site. I had a flutter put on pacerone and now have lung damage.Every doctor I seen I told them I couldnt breath. I just found out last week why..

    Does anyone know if my lungs will ever heal themselves?

  6. seresmary says

    If anyone is interested in getting more information on Amiodarone there was an article in the PressTelegram News Paper about Drugs and especially on Amiodarone as well.

    If you go to PRESSTELEGRAM.COM/HEALTH Thursday October 6, 2011 and check out the article. It might be able to help us find a law firm that would be willing to take this monster on. I havn't been able to but I know there is a value in numbers and the numbers keep growing daily on the loss of loved ones due to this drug. An idea for all of you, print out the WARNING on this site, make copies of it and go to every doctors office that you can find, especially cardiologist and tape it to their door into the office. Maybe if patients start to see the WARNING poster then they will start to ask questions of their doctors, and that in turn may cause the doctors to ask questions from the pharmaceutical companies… It's worth a try.

    mary, California

  7. seresmary says

    Ok guys I found (3) legal sites that we need to bombard with our stories, one in peticular who actually addresses the deadliness of Amiodarone. We hve to get our stories to them.

    I have already referred them to the site for them to read our stories but I think that each one of us involved needs to do it personally. Whether they can help even if it is just getting this medication recalled before anyone else died it is worth it. The following sites I have submitted letters to so hope you will all follow suit.

    #1, #2 and the #3 site is I truly hope that this will get us some action of some sort. We all have to stand together on this. No one should die from this medication like our loved ones. Mary Seres, California

  8. Susan says

    @Liz Franklin

    Thank you Liz!

  9. Zoey says

    I enjoyed reading your website.

  10. Liz Franklin says

    This website is beautifully done!

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