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Sandra L. Wagner

Sandra L. Wagner

Sandra L. Wagner

My mother Sandra L Wagner just passed away on March 4, 2010, due to pulmonary toxicity which we believe was caused by the use of Amiodarone 5 years prior. She was a young 66 years old. She had a fib and was prescribed this medication until one day she woke up and could not breathe. She was rushed to emergency where they first diagnosed her with Congestive Heart failure and COPD.They also took her off the  Amiodarone as it never helped her and finally they gave her a pace maker. She left the hospital with oxygen and only had to take it periodically (about 3 yrs ago). Her lung capacity just kept getting worse and her pulmonologist finally diagnosed Pulmonary Toxicity in January of 2010, and gave her steroids. In the meantime she just kept getting paler and could not breathe. She was rushed to the hospital on February 15, 2010. She then was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and Pneumonia.  She never had a chance because her lungs were so damaged.  No one talked to us, we tried to pressure Doctors to give it to us straight until finally 1 day before she passed, they told us there was no hope. I NEVER want to see ANYONE have to go through what she did and what we did as a family. Her Doctors DID NOT indicate to her the extreme dangers of this drug nor did she know about the true side effects until she went to the Hospital and a Nurse told her about the drug.

I can’t bring her back and I cannot even begin to describe how much pain this has brought to me personally and to my family. This drug should be banned and outlawed. In no way, shape or form should the drug companies be making any money off of the drug nor should they be endangering human life!!! She even wrote to me on a sheet of paper as she could not talk that this should not have happened this way. I agree with her whole heartedly and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to fight this cause.

Thanks for reading my story.



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  1. Vanwin says

    I am spending all of my time now researching this and in danger of filling up my computer. Being one of the afflicted, so far, my general impression is that apart from telling our stories and being nice to each other, nothing is going to change.

    It does not look like the Government will do anything, and certainly the drug company does not give a damn, they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

    Nobody can afford to take them on legally, it is quite impossible. I considered that if we all started a fund and raised a very great deal, more than a million certainly, we may find a specialist lawyer to tackle Wyeth Laboratory. It may not gain individuals success, but if a victory created a precedent, then all the others could follow with their own claims more easily won.

    I think this would need someone more clever than me, it would need to be organised with someone above reproach, maybe a firm of lawyers, and obviously the fund would need to be guaranteed held safely, maybe in a trust of some sort.

    There is such a lot of evidence on this and other websites, that if it were organised, collated by a professional, there would be a good case. In the meantime, I considered whether approaching the media for an expose, perhaps a large publicity campaign would start to gather people out there who are not aware of the magnitude of the problem, together in order to add all their case histories, towards an eventual action. These drug companies are extremely rich and powerful, maybe newspapers and magazines would be afraid to cross them, I don't know.

    However, sympathising, while nice, will not achieve anything. I would like this website to add an "ACTION" tag to the index, and any professionals out there, doctors, other medical people, lawyers, journalists etc, could put in their proposals or views. Organisation is needed, and I just hope I will last long enough to help if possible.

    Right now, for myself, I would prefer a heart attack to suffocation, but if that is the way it goes, I will make certain domestic arrangements so that I do not have to elongate the bad end.

    I am just giving my current thoughts here, maybe somebody has already started something similar and if so I would like to know. I am not any kind of authority, just want to work out how to take action, both for the living and the surviving families.

  2. Justin L. Williams says

    Justine, I am sorry I to do not believe this should have happened. Justin L. Williams

  3. mkakin says

    Dear Justine

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother died one month from the day my father did. He only took amiodarone for 4 weeks, but it can act that fast. And we can see from your mother's experience that it can act over a very long time and compromise a person's lungs beyond recovery. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED THIS WAY: your mother was exactly right in those words. We all feel this way, and we share your grief and anger. Surely we can find a way to stop this from happening to others.


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