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The article, Bitter Pill,  first published by the Chicago Tribune,

chronicles how one family copes with the side effects of Amiodarone and how
the drug company, Wyeth, reacts.
It’s a must read.  Please click on the PDF link here: Bitter Pill



Wyeth’s Publication

Last to First-Line  Antiarrhythmic Therapy

This is one of the marketing tools Wyeth used to convince doctors that Amiodarone should be used as a drug of first choice. That position is in direct conflict with the FDA which states that Amiodarone is a drug of last resort.  The FDA states further that the drug is approved only for ventricular fibrillation and NOT for atrial fibrillation. The booklet is available here in PDF format: Wyeth’s Amiodarone Booklet 28p



Pfizer Medication Guide to Cordarone

To view the guide click here.

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  1. Susan Redden says

    8 years ago I went to a new cardioligist who decide I have atrial fibrilation even though i had irregular heart beat as a child. I took the medicine annd ended up in hospital with liver failure and heart failure

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