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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.25.51 AMPlease find a link here to a PDF file containing a Stop Amiodarone flyer.
Stop Amiodarone Flyer

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  1. Ruth Goodwin says

    I can’t believe this is happening in the USA. It’s so appalling thar lawyers are afraid of the drug companies and shut their eyes to all the deaths happening from this drug. We trust our Doctors and put our lives in their hands. The thought that they would give us a drug that ends up killing us just seems so implausible but the facts show it’s happening over and over. How can they rationalize it in their own minds. There has to be a way to get this drug off the market.

  2. Annie says

    To Emily, This medication does NOT SAVE LIVES! In all cases the patient will die sooner or later. The side effects are irreversible. My husband did not have a life threatening heart condition. Any arrhythmia he suffered was caused by other drugs he was on while hospitalized. He was given the drug by IV. I was never consulted, as his proxy and if I had been, I would have looked up the side effects and refused it.. It killed him in three weeks. There was no monitoring for side effects. He was recovering and by the fourth day on the drug he did a 180.. I pray that the scales fall from your eyes. This drug is a deadly poison to all. And nothing you could say could change my mind. I feel sorry for your patients when they start exhibiting the side effects and they are ignored by you, because you mistakenly believe this drug is a life saver. Please stop murdering your patients.


  3. Emily Diltz says

    I am a cardiologist and most of us use amiodarone only after we have run out of all other options. There are very few options for life treatening arrhythmias for people with coronary artery disease and weak heart contraction or for people with poor kidney function. Other antiarrythmic medications have been proven to cause more deaths in these situations than amiodarone. Alternatives are ablation which will only work in a limited number of patients or heart transplantation (and the supply of donor hearts is very limited). That leaves amiodarone as our only option to keep the person alive. Until something better comes along we need to keep amiodarone an option. I think a patient has the right to refuse amiodarone and that should be respected. Although it was not your experience, this medication does save lives. But as you know only too well, it is a double edged sword and can take them as well. Please support efforts to develop better treatments for arrythmias and the diseases that cause them.

  4. mkakin says

    The flyer is up here so that you can download and print and distribute–we need to get the word out about how dangerous this drug is. Later this fall, we may try to organize a leafleting campaign during a single week–we will specify the date range, and have members from all over the country drop these flyers off at clinics, cardiologists' offices, nursing homes, senior centers, libraries, on public bulletin boards, and distribute electronically, too. If you are available to help with this project, contact Susan at the link at left.

  5. Susan says

    @Mary Seres

    Mary, I went to, signed up, and asked why people are not successful with legal representation in regards to this drug. Perhaps you could find a similar site and do the same thing.

    Hopefully, we can get some answers because doctors are still prescribing this and people are suffering and dying as a result.

  6. Mary Seres says

    Anything yet on finding an attorney willing and able to take on the Drug Industry, doctors, pharmacies, etc.? Everytime I send some information to someone I never get an answer. I guess not enough people have died from this "poison" yet.


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