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Legal Update… If you would like to join the legal suit, you need to come forward now if you think you are within the statute of limitations as defined by the information found on this link:
OR If you discovered the injury within 3-4 years of the death. Your state may have rules which would extend the statute of limitations. The window of opportunity is closing for this!!!

Attorney Justin Williams is preparing a class action lawsuit.  If you want more information or possibly join the effort, please download the form here and email it to:


The Mal Moore Case

Attorney E. Kirk Wood has filed a claim in Alabama on behalf

of the Moore family in April of 2015.  Read the details here.

Mal Moore

Mal Moore

Please comment here if you have taken steps to file a complaint against your doctor or hospital.

Have you been successful?  If so, why?  If not, what stumbling blocks have you encountered?


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  1. Justin L. Williams says

    I have searched for a class action lawsuit over amiodarone. I found mention that one was "going" to be filed against Wyeth for their version of amiodarone, but I have never found that one was actually filed. As an attorney with two cases, I can tell you the various package inserts if they truly warn of the dangers, are a problem for the users of the drug. However, my clients did not receive the kind of warnings that are now contained with the drug. In fact, one maker of the drug I am suing as of Jan. 2010 went to a 37 page package insert/product information sheet with the 10-17% toxicity figure on the first page.

    I, and my firm are willing to discuss anyone's legal rights. I would appreciate it if anyone who has information regarding an amiodarone lawsuit to email that info to me. I have only heard of one suit and it was against the doctor. My doctors had no knowledge of the negative statistics or the toxicity levels and percentages of amiodarone use, and a lot of the doctors are going to plead that same level of ignorance. They are not required to search out more information about an approved drug than that required to be provided by the FDA. Since the FDA did not have the full story about the drugs it is a vicious circle that goes back to the companies that made money off the sale of the drug. Justin L. Williams

  2. mkakin says


    Dear Donna—my deepest sympathies for your loss. We all have felt the same helplessness and outrage, and each new story of needless death deepens my own feelings. I hope you will please share your husb's story in the OUR STORIES section. This isn't just a memorium, it's a call to arms. If our stories can convince just one person to decline taking this deadly drug, or to act quickly in getting off it, it is so worth it. It really puts a human story to all of the news clippings, links and statistics here, and is our most powerful tool.

  3. donna says

    I too lost my sweet husband three months ago and the Doctors said "probable Amiodarone Toxicity, " but on the death certificate, it just says Pulmonary Fibrosis. I am sooooo bitter and still cry most of the time because it was all so unnecessary. He was doing so good with just his pacemaker/defibrillator and then the Doctor decided to try the Amiodarone. Three years later he went down fast while we stood by helplessly watching him drown. God help us all!

    Donna from Missouri

  4. alcham says

    Sorry! Alonso

  5. alcham says

    Found a promising USA legal site. Google Parker Waichman Alonson LLP and then enter amiodarone in the search box. They seem to be looking for work and have a track record. You submit details to them and they give you an assessment by return. Post if you have any success with them.

  6. davenycity says

    great blog thank you

  7. Marla says

    @Mary Seres

    Mary–I am so sorry for your mother's death, and her suffering. For me, the outrage deepens the farther away from my dad's death I get, and esp when I read story after story here and on our FaceBook STOP AMIODARONE page. And both these venues are just the tip of the iceberg! Imagine how many people who don't use the computer have been affected by the drug? Please post a photo of your mother and her story on the MEET AN AMIOD VICTIM page here. Susan and I have shared our dads' stories. If we had all been able to read this kind of information when our loved ones could still have been saved, what a difference it would have made.

  8. Mary Seres says

    Marla, the same thing happened with my mother. We were so devestated with what had happened to her and how it happened and how fast. One day she isn't feeling so good and goes to the doctor for a pacemaker check and that's out of whack, and then they adjust that and send her for an EKG but the doctor never said anything about that or the pacemaker adjustment and then comes in and sits down and says, "well how are we doing today"? my mother replied that she had been having a little breathing problem and he said, "well let's take a look see". so he pulls his stethescope out of his pocket and listened to her back and then the front and said, sound clear to me". Yet 9 days later the paramedics are taking my mother to the ER and a Chest Xray is done and her left lobe is almost pure white and the right lobe is about 3/4 white and she is admitted. The pulmonary specialist comes in and says, "we are going to do a thoracotomy to see what is

    going on in those lungs." the other pulmonary doctor came in while my mother was laying there in bed with her eyes closed and said, "have you thought about what you want to do if she goes south" I looked at him and them motioned to him to go outside the room. There he explained to me that her lungs were very damaged and that she might not pull thru this and that they were going to do the thoracotomy and that she would be on a ventilator afterwards and then slowly brought off of it to see how she would do. She was on the ventilator before they were able to wean her off and then she was moved to a regular room. PT came in the next day and tried to get her to stand up and sit for awhile, which she did and then became tired. The following day I cam in early because she called me and ask if I would come there and that was about 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I told her I had to wait till 8:00 when they would open the doors. When I got there her O2 monitor was turned off and I ask the nurse what was the reason that they turned it off and she said, and this is a quote" "it made too much noise during the night". That's what it is suppose to do make noise when your oxygen levels drop below a certain point. I flipped the switch back on, my mother looked good her color was good and then all of a sudden the monitor started ringing and I kept telling her to take some deep breaths but to no avail. Her O2 levels were dropping fast and faster and I called for the nurse, and within minutes they had her back in ICU and the doctor was preparing to intubate her again and put her back on the ventilator. That was the last I saw of my mother awake and conscious. She was on the ventilator for the next 7 days, building up fluid in her body, her liver, kidneys, and everything in her body shutting down. She had a strong heart and it took a long time when the ventilator was stopped after 7 days for her heart to finally stop beating as we sat by her bedside for all those days, day and night. No one deserves to die like this and for what, to feed the coffers of some pharmaceutical company. I often wonder when I see those neatly dressed pharmaceutical company employees hauling their little suitcase full of drugs into the doctors office giving him samples… what makes them any different than the drug dealer out on the street corner selling cocaine, or heroin or meth… those drugs are just as deadly as the illegal one's but they can get away with it…

    This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. We didn't have an autopsy done on our mother because at the time we felt she and her body had gone thru so much, we had gone thru so much sitting there day and night beside her bed for almost a month watching her basically explode and grow bigger and bigger and bodily fluid. I too wrote to the California AMA about her cardiologist but they found no negligence on his part. They are so interested in covering their own backs they could care less about the oath that they take when becoming doctors. We need professional help…

    Mary Seres

    Laguna Hills, CA

  9. Mary Seres says

    Wow, I finally found all of you. There for awhile I was a little lost and thought everyone had vanished off the computer. I think that the FDA, the Pharmaceutical Companies, the doctors, the pharmacies, all of them are at fault. When I said something to my mother's doctor his reply was that we have been using Amiodarone for years and have had no problems. I guess the fact that they put them on low dosages 200mg. and don't adhere to the protocol that this drug calls for when putting a patient on it that they feel safe. Well my mother isn't safe, she is buried six feet under due to this drug and it was a needless painful horrific death and no one should have to die this way. The WARNING that the drug companies were suppose to put on it was delayed by the FDA dragging it's feet, and then the protocol for putting a patient on this medication was to be a "life threatening" atrialFib and other medications were to be used before ever putting anyone on this drug. If it was determined that nothing else worked and it was a life threatening situation then the patient was to be admitted to the hospital, chest Xrays done, blood work done and observed to see how the patient was doing on this medication. None of this was done for my mother. Not even when she complained to the doctor that she was having trouble breathing… you would think that a doctor would atleast send you for a chest Xray to make sure, and especially when you go in for a pacemaker check and your heart is in constant atrialfib, they are all to blame and I hope that someone can find an attorney somewhere somehow soon to put a stop to this medication and the deaths and destruction that it is causing to loved ones.

  10. Marla says

    Joan–I think we have traded remarks on the Topix board before. Again, my truest sympathies about losing your husband to this awful drug. Here and on the FaceBook page, we read the same stories over and over. A campaign of awareness is one thing we can do something about, and this is a good start. Will you print some of Susan's flyers and drop them off at pharmacies, senior centers, libraries, etc? I've wondered if we shouldn't coordinate the flyer effort–everyone all over the country do it during a certain week, and maybe local media, if not national, would pay attention? Get everyone you know to join the FB page, too. I think we have such a good start there, an ongoing conversation that is getting some attention.

  11. Susan says

    @Joan Whalen

    Joan, your experience sounds very much like what my father went through. It was just a horrible death and he experienced great suffering. I believe that he also did not know of the terrible risk he was taking with Amiodarone. For that matter, I don't think the medical community did either since they tried to treat him initially for everything but this drug.

    I can see where a lawsuit against the manufacturer would be difficult. What have been the pitfalls against the doctor?

    Myself, I would like to see this drug restricted to only those in dire need. I just wouldn't want anyone else to go through this.

    I am not exactly sure how we can effect change to secure that end but I feel that getting it out in the open, talking about, and never forgetting their plight will certainly help move us in the right direction.

    Joan, please feel free to come back to this site and comment. We all have lots to learn from the road you have traveled.

  12. Joan Whalen says

    I am very glad to have an opportunity to voice my heartsick feelings about the toxic effects of amiodarone, My husband died about a year and a half ago from pulmonary fibrosis caused by amiodarone. He was on this drug for 5 years. He died a horrible death,not being able to breathe and it effected every organ,even brain damage,kidney failure,massive infections.stroke and blood clots in ICU for 10 weeks.We were never told about the fatal lung damage side effects. the doctors are required by the FDA to monitor patients on amiodarone with lung functioning tests every 3 to 6 months. this was never done, the other side effects of his weaknessw.loss of weight,blue nose.tremors and thyroid condition were attributed to nothing of significance to alarm us of a problem . We are on our third lawyer,we have contacted the FDA. My daughter has written to every senator in the US, I just wrote toAARP magazine in reference to an article'when medicine makes you sick'because they did not list amiodaone in their article concerning drugs that cause toxicity, AARP wrote me back,thanking me for my interest but because of limited space could not print my letter. I even tried to file a class action suit but that didn;t work because it is the doctors fault for not giving patients all the side effect information and noy monitoring their patients, We need it to be mandatory that the drug can not be given unless the neccessary tests are given,this is what we must try to achieve, I will not give up on this; Iwear a rubber bracelet with amiodarone toxicity so I will never forget my cause and the loss of my husband .Richard,Good luck and my concerns for all on this website,

  13. Marla says

    A little background about liability issues…

    Here is a 2004 article about the FDA dragging its feet to include upgraded warnings on Cordarone and Pacerone. It seems like a news article, but I found it on a lawyer site, so not sure. Also, it includes mention of a 2003 (?) lawsuit in New Jersey, citing over 1000 deaths and numerous injuries. I wonder what became of this? Perhaps it is the $10m optic neuritis case I posted mention of here earlier.

    The package inserts were finally updated in 2005 (I wonder if this was the legal outcome of the sports celebrity lawsuit I gave a link to earlier, too?), and below are links to the inserts which must be provided with every prescription. The info has undergone some revisions in the 5 yrs since, but a lot of the key information is right here, from 5 years ago. Similarly, 2005 letters were sent to all doctors and pharmacists stressing these same warnings. The drug manufacturers are legally protected by these disclaimers; they warn of every possible side effect that people tell of here.



    So, how many of us SAW these inserts? How many of us were told ANY of this by a doctor until too late in the game (if ever)? The cardiologist's negligence in prescribing this drug to my father was the basis of the complaint I filed with the state medical board. These kinds of complaint processes are available to all of us, and I would urge you to file one if you have not already.

    Everyone here landed in this situation because a doctor did not fully understand amiodarone's toxicities and did not recognize evident symptoms of it. Yes, it's regrettable that the pharma giants skate free and clear and make the billions. But I don't see that we have a leg to stand on against them when their own literature (and the FDA's) warns of each one of the dreaded "side" effects.

  14. Susan says

    @Ralph from Mesa, Arizona

    Ralph…who is to blame for this sad state of affairs?

    Myself, I feel that it is the doctors that prescribe it when it's not a life threatening situation.

    This drug is only for people that have absolutely no other chance to live.

    I think that there should be much tighter control on the way it is prescribed.

    In addition, patients should know that they are taking on life threatening risks when they take it.

    As it stands right now, there just isn't enough disclosure about the real risks involved.

    Ralph, we would love to have you join the Facebook discussion also!

    Are you a member? Log in and put Stop Amiodarone in the search box.

    Don't want to be a member?!! That's ok too!

    Just let me know and maybe we can work out a way for your comments to show on FB.


  15. Ralph from Mesa, Ari says

    I came across this website quite by accident and glad I did. I have been on another Amiodarone related website for quite a while trying to organize a class action law suit against the manufacturers of Amiodarone. (please check it out)

    On this website, there are many who seek justice for their loved ones that have died from Amiodarone Toxicity, Pullmonary Fibrosis and other lung deseases from the drug. I am a victim of the drug but am still alive. I was on the drug Amiodarone for over 12 years. I complained many times of shortness of breath to various doctors and they all claimed it was COPD. I have not smoked for 24 years, and before that I was a sociable smoker. They had to blame the breathing problem on something, but never the real culprit, Amiodarone. At present I am on oxygen 24/7, have developed all kinds of side effects from the drug that not one doctor associated with Amiodarone. Who is to blame? (Amiodarone has a high iodine content and that alone ruined my thyroid. I am on synthroid for the rest of my life thanks to Amiodarone) Should we sue the Wythe manufacturer for not instructing the doctors with enough information about the side effects or the doctors who just did not know enough to tell us not to take the drug in the first place. Good question! If anyone out there in cyberspace can get a bonified class action law suit going, I will get you at least 10 more people that will jump on and help in any way they can.


    Ralph from Mesa, Arizona

  16. Marla says


    I feel so wary of the online lawsuit thing. I know it could well be legitimate, but surely we would have heard something if there was a legitimate class action suit? I mean, there are scores of us on the Topix boards alone seeking redress or answers. I did find two interesting mentions of a amiodarone lawsuits online:

    This is about some sports celebrity whose family sued for amiodarone induced damage. The outsome wasn't yet settled when the article was written in 2005.


    The second is an article about an amio alternative, dronedarone. But it also refers to a successful $10m lawsuit against amio manufacturers in 2003, over resulting optic neuritis.

  17. Susan says

    I came across this website.. .
    Does anyone have experience with it?

  18. Susan says

    Marla, I think the fact that we both never received any additional billing is very interesting. I held my breath for a long time thinking that I was going to have a big fee to pay but it never came and it's been over 3 years.

    I did have an autopsy done and I took all of the medical records to a lawyer. They came back and said it was Amiodarone but we don't handle cases like this. I just stopped there and haven't done anything with it since. However, the cruelty of his death still bothers me. He was a good guy and didn't deserve to die like that.

  19. Marla says

    I was anxious to see what doctors would say on his death certificate. They listed COPD as his primary cause of death, and amiod toxicity as a "contributing" cause, which is patently absurd. It is the other way around, if in fact he even had COPD. They did not start using that term until they could not bring his bronchitis under control for weeks–he was never in his life told he had COPD before this episode. Of course I realize now they could not cure his bronchitis b'c the incidentally prescribed amiodarone was killing his lungs even as they were treating them. But it was some vindication that they put it on there at all. I think they knew I'd be camped on their doorstep for life if they had not.

    Having missed the opportunity for an autopsy, I looked online to see what reporting systems were in place to file complaints (for disciplinary action) against the hospital and the prescribing cardiologist. I filed with the Texas Dept of State Health Services (Health Facility Compliance/Patient Quality Care Unit, whew) against the rehab, where at least 2 or 3 doctors ignored his symptoms of pulmonary toxicity for two weeks. I got a ridiculous reply from them, which made a lot of pointless noise about being within regulatory guidelines and completely ignoring the salient facts in my complaint. I filed a complaint with the Texas Medical Board against the cardio. It is still "pending." I have no idea if this means it's not begun, or if they are truly doing anything. One woman I was in touch with at the TMB said my father's medical records had been subpoenaed back in March. It's now August, and no word. I will certainly post it here if this results in anything satisfactory.

    One thing I have found curious is that none of the doctors nor the rehab hospital presented us a bill for insurance copay. I have checked with my father's insurer and they tell me that all of his medical bills are shown as resolved, no outstanding copays. Perhaps I am misunderstanding his insurance copay system, but I don't think so. I have a good friend who is a high powered hosp administrator in Boston, and she grimly said, "Yes, it's sort of a If You Kill 'Em, Don't Bill 'Em" policy. If this is true, it seems to imply liability, doesn't it?

    But I have become less resigned to his death as time has passed. If a lawsuit gets underway, I will throw my hat and my energy into the ring.

  20. Marla says

    This is truly the big question. I think many of us who have had elderly parents die on this drug are struggling with the issue of whether suing makes any sense, given that it cannot bring back our loved ones. And everyone feels overwhelmed by the medical-pharmaceutical giants. I did not order an autopsy (which seems the only logical place to start with an investigation) on my father for many reasons. I was skeptical of anyone coming forward to support me. I was exhausted and in shock, and my poor father was at least free of the tubes, masks, needles, pills, and interventions which made the last four and a half weeks of his life pure hell—I could not hand him over to them for more. I told the attending ER physician who annc'd his death that I would like to find out if a postmortem lung biopsy would prove anything, and he said, "You'd have to ask a pathologist." As if a pathologist were standing by at midnight. No doctor with whom we had a rel'ship came to ICU that night to discuss his death or an autopsy. A male nurse I had never seen stuck his head in the curtain and said, "I'm on the phone with the primary. Do you want an autopsy?" That was the last we heard from a man who had been my father's personal doctor for over 14 years. No one later contacted us, b'c the primary, the pulmonologist and the prescribing cardiologist are all in the same clinic practice, covering each other's behinds. Lastly, insurance does not pay for an autopsy, and no one is there to say, "They are $999. tonight." Or $9,000. Or what. I had no idea what it would cost.

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